Musée des Alpilles


In the intimacy of Renaissance architecture, the Musée des Alpilles offers a contemporary museum tour for the pleasure of discovering the rich heritage of the region (Musée de France).

Located in the historic center of Saint- Rémy-de-Provence, the Alpilles museum is housed in the Mistral de Mondragon hotel, a former Renaissance mansion (classified as a Historic Monument) built around an admirable interior courtyard. Created in 1919 by Pierre de Brun.

Musée des Alpilles

A stroll through time and space, the permanent exhibition at the Musée des Alpilles evokes various unsuspected or little-known facets of regional heritage: from pastoralism to traditional costume and bullfighting of the Camargue type, including culture and the trade in milk thistle, sleeping poppy and seed seeds. To better understand the current, natural and human landscapes of this part of Provence.

Graphic Arts
Works of international renown, signed Vincent van Gogh or Albert Gleizes, were born here. However, there is also the often remarkable work of discreet, anonymous or locally known creators. The graphic and photographic art studio as well as the typography and engraving workshop translate the museum’s new orientation towards works on paper and contemporary engraving.