1 – How to book your holiday rental

  1. Fill in the online contact form or contact us by phone. Do not hesitate to let us know if you need any additional services such as cleaning, baby-sitting, home chef etc…
  2. We will send you a rental contract by e-mail, to be returned to us completed and signed, by e-mail or post, within a week in order to confirm the reservation. Beyond this time, the reservation will be considered as cancelled.
  3. On receipt of the rental contract against signed by the owner lessor, you pay a deposit of between 30% and 50%. of the total rental amount in the name of the owner lessor by bank transfer or cheque.
  4. The balance of the rental amount (between 50% and 70%) is to be paid in the name of the owner-lessor at the latest one month before the day of your arrival.

2 – Mandatory Resort Civil Liability Insurance

The tenant will be required to insure himself with an insurance company, or to request an extension of his insurance contract taken out for his main dwelling, known as a “holiday insurance certificate”, against the risks of theft, fire, glass breakage and water damage, and more generally both for the totality of his rental risks and for the furniture rented out, as well as for recourse by neighbours.

The lessee whose main home insurance does not cover his holiday home must apply for this insurance. Time in Provence recommends its partner in order to obtain this guarantee which represents 1.5% of the rental amount.

The insurance certificate must be sent one month before your arrival at your holiday destination.


Rental liability*

Following a fire, explosion, water damage, frost originating in the premises, the pecuniary consequences of the liability of tenants or occupants under Articles 1732 to 1735 and 1302 of the Civil Code for damage caused to movable and immovable property belonging to the owner of the rented accommodation, expert’s fees and travel or relocation expenses and re-housing costs made indispensable following a covered loss.
The insurer also covers the financial consequences, loss of rent or loss of use suffered by the owner.

This guarantee covers up to 500,000 Euros for all damages.

Recourse of neighbours and third parties*

Following a fire, explosion, water damage or frost originating in the premises, the financial consequences of the liability that tenants or occupants may incur by virtue of Articles 1240, 1241 and 1242 of the French Civil Code for all material damage caused to neighbours and third parties and for which the above rental liability guarantee was applicable.

This guarantee covers up to 500,000 Euros for all damages combined.

Civil Liability for Property Damage*

Other accidental damage caused to the movable property which is the object of the inventory and which is inside the rented accommodation and to the real estate belonging to the owner* of the rented accommodation.

This cover is limited to 2,500 Euros less an absolute excess of 150 Euros.

* It is specified that the guarantee is also acquired when the person who has made the rented property available as a furnished apartment via the Société Actuel Immobilier – Time in Provence has the status of tenant, subject to compliance with the regulations relating to subletting.