Estrine Museum

A true gem of 18th century Provencal architecture, the Hôtel Estrine was built in 1748 to house the Judicial Seat of the Princes of Monaco. Completely restored in 1989 and awarded the Living Heritage Prize from the Fondation de France, it has housed the Musée Estrine since 2007, a young museum in France.

To pay tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, the Estrine Museum has created a multimedia educational space dedicated to the life and work of the painter. The Vincent Van Gogh interpretation center allows visitors to (re) discover the human and artistic journey of this exceptional personality and his influence on the creation of the 20th and 21st century.

The collection of the Musée Estrine is dedicated to painting and the graphic arts of the 20th and 21st centuries in the filiation of the two great artists who marked the city of Saint-Rémy-de- Provence, Vincent van Gogh and Albert Gleizes. With more than 1000 works, this collection draws a rich panorama of regional and national creation.

MUSEE ESTRINE Saint Remy | Time in Provence

Two to three temporary exhibitions are organized each year around important themes of painting or highly talented painters and designers.

The permanent exhibition begins with the work of Albert Gleizes from his figurative beginnings to his abstract research. It then continues with a room dedicated to post-cubist figuration to continue on two rooms dedicated to large abstractions. There are works by Anna Eva Bergmann, Jacques Busse, Geneviève Claisse, Estève, Lucien Lautrec, André Marchand, Piet Mondrian, etc.

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