Reattu museum, Arles fine arts museum

Former Grand Priory of Malta, Museum of Fine Arts and Contemporary Art of the city of Arles, the Réattu Museum presents a collection that extends from the 17th century to the present day.

Built at the end of the 15th century in a magical tête-à-tête with the Rhône, the Grand Priory of the Order of Malta owes its destiny to Jacques Réattu (1760-1833), an Arles painter and Grand Prix of Rome, who built his house, his studio, a place to welcome artists in residence, and the laboratory of his dreams.

Museum since 1868, the building preserves all of his work and his personal collection, including an extraordinary portrait of Simon Vouet. Open to photography from the 1960s (6000 works today), enriched by exceptional donations (Picasso, with 57 drawings, 2 posters, 3 engravings and 2 paintings, 15 works by Alechinsky…), very sensitive to sculpture (Germaine Richier, Toni Grand…), the museum created in 2008 a listening room dedicated to sound art.

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Real place of confluence, practicing commissioning to artists (inviting sculptors, photographers and sound artists to create works in resonance with the heritage of the city). and the mixture of disciplines, the museum offers thematic exhibitions and renewed hangings to discover art differently.

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