Musée de l'Arles Antique

Presenting one of the richest archaeological collections in France, ranging from Prehistory to Late Antiquity, and major exhibitions, the departmental museum Arles Antique has become a must for all those passionate about archeology, art and heritage.

Built near the remains of the Roman circus, on the banks of the Rhone, the museum offers its visitors a broad vision of the archeology of Arles and its surroundings, from the Neolithic to late Antiquity. If the bust identified with Julius Caesar or the 31 meter Gallo-Roman barge discovered buried in the Rhône in 2004, are emblematic of his collections, these are rich with nearly 1,700 exhibits including sarcophagi, mosaics, amphorae or statues monumental rub shoulders with objects of daily life or relating to navigation.

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The route of the Arles Antique Departmental Museum offers a global and didactic overview of the history of the Roman city (society, architecture, daily life …) which usefully completes the visit to the great monuments of the city.

Inside, you can roam freely among the vast exhibition areas and discover the permanent and temporary collections organized in chronological and thematic form.

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Outside, Hortus, the museum’s Roman-inspired garden offers themed areas, as well as a playground, which allow you to discover the Roman world. Play kits for children are available free of charge at the museum reception.

Jardin HORTUS | Time in Provence

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